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Buyers Online Book – Pump Selection Software

B.O.B. – Buyers Online Book
Pump Selection Software

For over twenty-five years getting answers from VERTIFLO was as easy as picking up the phone and asking for “BOB.” Now “BOB” is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with the new online pump selection catalog – B.O.B. – Buyers Online Book.

With one click of the mouse from your office, road or home, you can have Internet access to leading edge pump selection software and tools as well as pump model specifications and data.

Selections are based on a number of user inputs such as system design point, fluid properties, motor sizing, and NPSH calculations. Once a dynamic pump curve is generated, users have the ability to trim impeller diameters, adjust operating speeds, change power supply to 50hz, and view/save electronic curves and data sheet reports in a PDF format. Supporting documentation such as product specifications, dimensional drawings, cutaway views and engineering specifications can also be generated.

Other powerful features include a Total Head Calculator and the ability to send electronic “Request for Quote” packages directly to Vertiflo’s sales office.

VERTIFLO was built on responsiveness and flexibility in serving our distributors. We have now added another powerful sale’s tool to better serve you.

To get started simply click on the following link: B.O.B. – Buyers Online Book, Pump Selection Software

Possible uses of this software’s capabilities could include: centrifugal pump design, operation, theory, calculation, troubleshooting, sizing, selection, development of centrifugal pump schematics and predicting pump characteristics.

For technical support please email [email protected] or call 360-412-0702 Opt. 5.